It was there

After he picked up the phone he wished he hadn’t. It was his old college professor, Daniel Kendrith, urging him to come by his laboratory. He knew the man very well, for they had worked together for a long time. But the ideas Mr. Kendrith had started to believe in had eventually led to the end of their friendship, and they hadn’t talked to eachother for years.

But Daniel pleaded him to come. The old differences should be set aside, at least for now, because a greater cause was to be discussed. So he went over to the laboratory he had left all those years ago, shouting and cursing, running away from the fearsome and unholy place. Ringing the doorbell itself took him a while, for he did not want to set foot in that place again. But he already had passed the gates, something he swore never to do again, so he forced himself to take the next step.

Kendrith himself opened the door, looking like he hadn’t slept in days, and he spoke in a hurried, almost panicky voice.

“come in, quickly, there is not much time.”

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