Feed Your Familiar

“Martizema,” he whispered. He felt a resonating pulse of welcome that made him shudder. It spilled upward, tickling his right ear.

" Daniel, " the presence responded in turn. It’s voice was not yet audible, yet managed to convey the cadence of a lover, alluring and deceptively friendly. " You’re hurt. " A tendril of coldness spasmed along Daniel’s shoulder, elbow, arm, to touch the bite marks on his bleeding knuckle. Abruptly, the pain and bleeding stopped.

Feeding off his blood, the familiar pulled away from Daniel to slowly formulate a corporeal body, black as the tattoo it used as a guise while riding in its host’s skin. Daniel reflexively snapped his eyes shut, not wanting to see the bright red eyes, like twin faceted rubies, or the pearl-white, gleaming fangs that smiled so genuinely.

So hungrily.

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