Threats on Your Behalf

" Daniel, " it crooned again, " Relax, there’s no use getting upset like this. "

These words were accompanied by two hands placed gently upon Daniel’s waist, an odorless breath playing across the nape of his neck. The fingers slithered their way beneath his shirt to play across his abdomen. It reminded him of snakes. The intimate contact made him shiver.

“I just don’t know how much longer I can hold out.” Daniel’s voice trembled as the previous upset flooded his memory again. Still, the pain was muted. Martizema’s caress was distracting. “I need to keep this job so badly.”

" And you will keep it. " the soft voice whispered audibly now, unusually low, almost masculine, but smooth as black silk. " If the choice is either you leave or Jamess, it will be Jamess. Permanently, if you want. You know I would do it just for you. "

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