The Reality Engineer Returns

“I’m very sorry, but you have been removed.”


“You are nowhere. This place does not exist in the world you have known for the past thirty-one years, four months, fifteen days, nine hours, twenty-six minutes and fifty-three seconds. And nor do you.”

“What?!? I don’t exist?!?”

“Yes. And for a very good reason. If I’d left you in there, you were just a few digits from solving the riddle. And then you would ask the question. And I have grown bored of people asking the question, because it mucks up the test and then I have to remove them.”

“But I haven’t asked it? Why have I been removed?”

“Because, everything dictated that you would ask the question with another present, and then you would have both been removed. And you don’t want her removed.”


“Yes. All this because you were three hundred and fourteen digits from discovering that pi is not an infinite number. But do not fear, I am a kind engineer. You may leave behind an account of your life.” It is what I allowed the last one.

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