The Unjust Gavel

“I am power.” Said the Lord. “I am the creator and the saviour. I am the object of your worship and your devotion. And you will only rejoice in me.”

Kenji Oshama looked up at this being, overcome by fear and awe. Moments ago, he was scrambling down the stairs of his house as it shook and crumbled under the incredible force of the earthquake. He had little Isamu in his arms then, but they were painfully empty now.

“Where is my family?” Kenji pleaded, fear in his voice.

“I am family.” The Lord replied flatly. “You are to be judged for the life you’ve led.”

Oshama thought back on his life as a father, a son, and a husband. As he came to grips with the apparant reality he had died in the quake and was standing before God at the entrance to eternity, he recalled mistakes and regrets, but a moral and productive life.

The Lord interrupted Oshama’s thoughts abruptly. “I see into your mind, Oshama. You never brought me into your life. You rejected me. Yours is an eternity of pain.”

And the unjust gavel fell.

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