Soup or Stew?

I was put up here nearly a year ago. Now my lid was covered in dust. Looking down from the highest shelf above the kitchen stove, I had a great view out the window into the backyard.

During the warmer months, I could see things cook on the barbecue and every now and then something would slip into the oven. In the middle of summer, no one would want a dish like me.

I wait up here for winter, for the first coughs to roar and echo through the house. Cold and flu season. Yup, that’s what I live for.

When the watery eyes and runny nose strikes I was the first thing they would grab. Good old chicken noodle soup. Full of chicken, carrots, celery… all sorts of nutrients to get well soon.

But one December day I could see a chair being pulled over and a flushed pale face rise in front of me followed by a shaking hand reaching out for me. But I didn’t feel its grasp. And what did I see pulled by me? A can of stew. Beef stew at that. Who ever heard of feeding a cold with beef stew?

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