Not What You Think About Immortality

I sighed into the light.

“It’s amazing how a fact can warp into a legend in just a few lifetimes. I’ll stop here. I know what you’re thinking when I say immortal. Before you say it let me explain a few things.

To be immortal is not to be a vampire or any such foolish creature. A god can be debated though; even in my lifetime there have been people who pretended to be gods. But I digress.

Truth is, most of the feats fiction claims of us are just that; fiction. If you cut my hand off and let it bleed I will die. If I get sick I can die. Being immortal just means that we don’t die of old age. Our bodies have a natural longevity to them down to the DNA. That’s what makes us immortal. Our DNA doesn’t degrade over the years like other people."

There was no movement from the shadows.

“I bet you wonder why people think we’re fake. I tell you there are thousands of us out there living normal lives. It’s rare for an immortal to live hundreds of years like me. Disease and violence covers our existence completely.”

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