my eyes open and I see you in all your glory. Gorgeous hair, gorgeous smile, gorgeous everything. Stunning from head to toe. I reach out to stroke your cheek but the covers whip at my wrist. Locking my arm in place, the covers hold me back. The bed begins to vibrate furiously and suddenly I’m thrown onto the floor. When I pick myself up you’re swallowed into the sheets and each step I take toward you only propels me further away, until finally, I’m floating in the air.

Violently thrashing, I try to swim toward you. As I kick the air, repeatedly failing to reach you, the bed is sucked into it’s own vortex, creating a hole of nothing. An incredible gust of wind pushes me against the wall and all my possessions escape me, flying into the abyss. I push against the wall behind me. I need to get into the hole. But the wall behind me cracks, and when it breaks I fall out onto a soft cushion. Confused and bruised, I lie down. This new place is soft and nice, warm and comforting. I take it all in and when my eyes
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