A Vial Alternative

Giving Halstead a sidelong glance and cautionary nudge to stay put, I reached for a chair and settled across from Feyald. The felynx lord gave one last perusal of his papers with green slitted eyes before sighing and seating himself, black tail undulating. Behind me I heard the low growl of the guards seeking to provoke my men. This aroused Feyald to spit an order for them to resume their original posts. They obeyed, slowly enough.

With a claw, I indicated a wooden goblet within reach. “May I?”

Feyald gestured for me to proceed. In a swift motion, I took the goblet by the stem and casually tossed its contents into the fire. The resulting flare unsheathed several weapons about the chamber. Even the king grabbed the dagger on his belt. Holding a paw open in a calming gesture, I reached into my pack and drew forth a glass vial. At my touch, it began to glow faintly. A moment later its contents were carefully poured and swirling mystically in the cup.

“Alchemy.” Feyald hissed, eyes flashing.

“Not quite.”

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