WeirdStory (Blind Noble meets Little Red Riding Hood)

Once upon a Time,
There was a blind noble who went travelling around, looking for adventures. He was a weird fellow with an eye patch on one eye and his messy hair stuck under his cap. He always had a slight smile on his face. He had a walking cane with him but somehow he never used it. He wore clothes like a pirate even thought he was a noble.
One day he got lost in the forest and came upon little red riding hood. Except this little red riding hood was holding a gun and was dressed utterly in red. She was busy picking up flowers. Well not flowers but setting up traps while singing.
“What are you doing little red riding hood?” says the Blind Noble
“Freeze who are you?!” Red Riding Hood asks “How do you know my name when you’re blind?”
“Well I can tell who you are from your voice and footsteps.Are you going to visit your grandmother house?” he asked.
“Well I’m pretending to visit my grandmama , my real motive is to kill the big bad wolf and become a hero!”
“I see,so do you need some help?”Blind Noble

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