About the REAL STORY.

You all have heard about the story Little Red Riding Hood.But did you know that the person who came across Little Red Riding Hood was the Blind Noble.This is the real story of Little Red Riding Hood told to us from the Blind Noble.

(The Blind Noble character profile:)
He is a smart fellow with not only good looks but a smart mouth.He is always cheerful and tries to help other people even thought they did not ask him for help.He is always behind the scenes in most fairy tales.

The Blind Noble loves to kick butt of the villains of Fairy Tale Land.Why we have never heard of him?Because he likes to go around unnoticed.Even until now he loves to visit our dreams and other stories to help us out but does so secretly.

The Blind Noble is currently stationed at The Nutcracker Story as one of the soldiers whom went to fetch Clara to ask her to save the Prince.

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