Coffee Break at the Collider

“Are we playing God here?”
“No? Smashing shit together just to see what comes out isn’t playing God?”
“No. God would have more finesse. We are children cracking open clams for pearls.”
“With stones.”
“Yep. Don’t get me wrong here. I believe in what we’re doing, but sometimes I can’t help but wonder…”
“Me, too. Other than all the wars, this might be the craziest thing humankind has done.”
“The greatest as well! Man is Janus, gazing into the macro and peering into the micro.”
“I reckon we should be proud.”
“But I have my doubts. I’m afraid we’re gonna—”
“—split the earth apart?”
“You’re not alone. But it’s got to be done. In the name of science!”
“In the name of science! Ha, ha!”
“Ha, ha, heh…”
“Boy, oh, boy. Hey, what’s the date, anyways? I keep forgetting.”
“Hmm? It’s December 21st.”

A Higgs Boson singlet migrated into the past.

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