Ideas for you guys(group members)

Jh-The journey to find the wolf.
the rest can decide what you want(warning if the story does not make sense ,I will change some parts.So you guys better do the best you can)
Facts(The cane the Blind Noble has is actually a sword)-weapon

3)The meeting of the grandmother.(just some ideas)(no need to follow)
Go to grandmother house as if they don’t, the blind noble will tell everyone.
The grandmother is actually the wolf in disguise.
The wolf pretends to the be the woodcutter and agrees to go on the journey with them to find the big bad wolf.

4)What happens when they find out that wolf is with them or battle the wolf(etc)
The woodcutter could tell them that it was the big bad wolf in disguise.
The Blind Noble could tell that there was something strange on.Maybe the grandmother or woodcutter.It could even be red riding hood.

5)Solution to the problem
How to beat the wolf(idea)Maybe a hole.But generally wolfs are fast and nimble so could make him a tough opponent to beat.
Maybe the wolf is good?

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