She Called Me "Daddy"

She knew I wasn’t her daddy, she just wanted to pretend. You know how kids are.

It still broke my heart.

She didn’t know who her father was, didn’t even know she was adopted. All she knew was that her mommy loved her, and I guess that was enough.

I can still see her in her ratty sweats and that darling smile. We played store, and she told me about her friends, and showed me her room. She had fun, and I had an evening that I knew would change me forever.

Then I left, got on a plane, got back into the routine.

I still think about her when I can. It’s about all I can do. I have too many obligations, I’m tired as it is. Maybe I should write.

Some time when I’m not so tired.

When I first met her, we were playing chase with a bunch of other kids. They got bored pretty fast, she didn’t. I tried to distract her with another game so I could catch my breath, but she came right back. I was too tired to start running again.

She pulled me down until my face level with hers .

“You’re not tired, you’re just lazy.”

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