An ink black teardrop hangs, surrounded by oopas of the same shade, and collapses into a dot. The oopas cheer. A question mark wavers above the dot until it realizes it resembles the oopas! It is welcomed into their fold and they rock and roll.

The calumphs, extending from the upper surface of the eggshape membrane enclosing the oopas, are roused. Convulsing, whipping from side to side, their tumescent meatuses irradiates the space with a pointillistic exudation.

The oopas gorge on the ejecta and grow; the largest oopa sinks, amid frantic interrobangs, to be consumed by the sludge puddled at the bottom of the membrane. The oopas mourn. Exclamation marks whip into existence: an ink black teardrop hangs above!

Zoom out and see either end is connected to identical eggshape membranes which in turn, is connected to identical eggshape membranes.

Pan away far enough to find the chain of membranes is in fact the ovate line of an eggshape membrane which in turn is connected to identical eggshape membranes.

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