6:13 Sunday morning: the girls are up and in their usual rough manner are shaking me awake. Lazily I open one eye. Mo-om, we are hungry and thirsty. I hear him groan next to me and drag myself out of bed to fix them corn flakes and juice. Go to the toilet while they eat, grab something out of the closet. quietly. Just. Don’t. Wake. Him! Closing the door behind me, I plan my day. Clean washing out of washing machine, dirty washing in, hang laundry, find kids something to wear, quick breakfast. toast and tea. dusting, cleaning he mirrors. play with girls. more laundry, wipe window sills, put roast in oven, clean kitchen. find a video for the kids. vacuum (to hell with it, he can get up now, it’s 11:30 for gods sake) wipe floors, oh his grumpiness is awake, cook potatoes and veggies, gravy. Sit down for lunch sigh. Dishes, laundry, iron and fold, prepare dinner while he messes around in the garage. Watch news, make sandwiches and finally exhausted sleep! And then I feel The Hand – a woman’s work is never done!

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