ex nihilo

Then there was light, hot and ever expanding in an incredible instantaneous rush into a formless mass jostling and rubbing and attracting until clumps were formed into giant gaseous hatcheries winking and blinking with the birth of stars bursting forth sailing the void dragging along pedestrian debris in a vortex of its brethen whirling around an incandescent center.

One such star streaks in the human term vast nothingness that is in cosmological quantification a relatively short distance from another, dragging within its orbit gas planets, ice planets, fire planets, rock planets, and an eden.

Upon this gruebleen planet writhes an abundance of moisture among varying states of phases, and from this potent brew leaps the fecund creativity of life which, powered by the star, feasts upon itself to regurgitate dazzling varieties of code. One such organic subroutine establishes itself virulently upon the processes of the planet.

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