I Once Believed in Love

I used to think
Love Conquered All,
but God would choose to laugh
and prove me wrong.

I’ve loved.
A love that desired
and burned,
consuming that which
came into its flames.

That’s when life
sparkled like a reflection on a lake,
but too beautiful to look away.

But God would have other plans for me.

A trip, vacation, fun-and-sun-filled excursion
wooed us with its glory,
but Pride Goeth Before a Fall,

The day you were taken,
the sun shone with the brilliance
of a light reflected in a mirror,
blinding me to the tragedy to come.

Looking back,
there was no way I could have known.
There was no evidence
of foul play.

Only evidence of Abandonment.

I ranted and raved and railed,
never understanding
how you could

Then, when you did show up,
I’ve never known such remorse.

Guilt for the lack of initiative
Guilt for not believing in you
Guilt for not believing in our love
….Only Guilt.

I once believed in love.
And maybe I still do.
But I also know that God
can be cruel.

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