Handsome and Deadly

I have no time for love. Murder keeps me on a short schedule. Too much coke, too much Jack, too many redheads; 6 down more to go. Just me and my knife, moving from town to town, trying to make the world a better place.

I am a handsome man and I know it. Stand me up at a bar, put a glass in front of me and I’m a babe magnet. I have my pick and choose from dozens of women a night. They smile at me, freshen my drink for me and they want to go home with me. I am blessed and cursed.

I ride with the carnival. I see a different town every week as I work my way west from east. I have stolen girls right off their boyfriends’ arms and spirited them away for a night of passion. Most of them lived. The redheads died.

I never kill them the same way twice. I watch TV. I know the cops look for patterns and compare murders from different places. I am very smart. Too smart to get caught.

A bell rings and I snap alert. No more time for daydreams now, The monsters are coming and I’ve got a schoolbus to drive.

Maybe later.

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