The Eternal Sword

All my companions and all my enemies lay slain. Battered, sliced, broken and maimed bodies littered the cobblestones behind me as I stood before the last door at the end of the hallway.

Checking for traps I disarmed the dart shooter in the recessed door jam. I thought I was being quiet about it but still, I awakened something in the room.

“Do not enter.” A voice proclamed from within, “Heed this warning! Go elsewhere.”

I would have one last fight after all.

I stepped back and kicked the door open. No subtlety necessary, the enemy knew I was there.

Primed for combat, dagger at the ready, I stepped forward, then stopped. There was no enemy, only a sword floating inside a light and spinning slowly. The legend was true. The Sword of Immortality was here right before my eyes.

But then the scene changed and I could see my body standing in the door. I had been sucked somehow into the sword.

“Thanks for freeing me,” he said. “You did want to live forever, right?”

He laughed as he closed the door behind him.

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