If it makes you feel any better, Noah, your friend is not in any pain. He is Ke-be-cum-ig-ish-kunk, truly He Who Treads The Earth To The End. We asked him first, and he came willingly, saying the world didn’t fit for him anymore. He paved the way for you and your people, gave up willingly the secrets of your flesh so you could be immortals.

Pure energy racing across the violent vacuum, flashing thoughts that ripple through star hatcheries, to ride the warp and weft of supernovae. A being of electromagnetic thought, the web of yourself pearlant in the emptiness between. That is our gift to you and your people, Noah. Come with us, and transcend your flesh!


Are you truly turning down immortality, Noah? This chance to free the soul from its earthly prison? You speak for your people. For one final time, do you truly deny this gift for you and yours?

You have spoken. We will go. He Who Treads The Earth To The End shall come with us. This we have promised him.

Thank you, Noah, and good-bye.


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