Paint the Sky

Let’s go be lovers, in a foreign country.
Let’s forget that we ever had expectations,
or obligations.
Let’s be irresponsible and irrational,
let’s forget about things like correct spelling and presentable appearance.
There is a right time and place for that,
let’s leave that time and place.

I want to paint you the sun.
Actually, fuck that.
I want to paint you the whole damn sky.
It would look like this:
Colors, splattered colors, chaotic splashes of rainbow colors,
that somehow go perfectly together.
That somehow make perfect music, beautiful unison.

Let’s spend every day outside.
Let’s stay out in the sun until there are freckles on our faces,
like sun kisses on our skin.
Let’s listen to obscure music and be one with the sky.
Let’s paint it everyday,
it’d look different every time.

Let’s dream a million dreams.
Let’s live a million lives,
in our heads.
Let’s be whatever we want to be,
changing our minds all of the time.
Let’s not think too hard about everything.
Let’s be…

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