It’s almost funny how you left me so long ago, yet I am still in recovery. I am slowly, yet surely, healing a bit each and everyday. I’d like to believe that I have completely recuperated from this but I would only be lying to myself, and after dealing with the falsehoods you had put before me, I know what I need is the truth. Sometimes I lose myself in my thoughts and desires, and sometimes I can’t help but look back and wish you were still by my side. I dwell over the past and cannot stop myself from imagining what could have, should have, and would have happened if only I had done something differently. Sometimes I long for you, for that mysterious look in your eyes, for that familiar, spicy scent of yours that seemed to linger in the air long after you had gone. But I know what I am feeling is only part of the painfully slow process of moving on. I know I will move on from you eventually, but as for now, I am still in recovery.

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