Timely Change

He was taking a beating. The others before him had already passed out, but he stood there valiantly, still. I was barking commands, left right and centre, and it was all he could do to keep up. Dodge! Sidestep! Tackle him!

He dodged, he sidestepped, he tackled. His foe scratched back and smacked him for all his worth. So far, no one had managed to cause the slightest injury to this beast. But now, something uprecedented happened. He stepped backwards and crsuhed a Pidgey benath his foot. Suddenly, Charmeleon began to glow pure white. The Dragonite flew at him, but was knocked back by the ensuing shockwave as the newly formed Charizard unfurled his mighty wings.

Lance yelled furiously, “Hyper beam! Now!”

“Dodge it! Now hit back with fire wheel!”

The battle began to escalate. Not just in pace or action, but the two monsters began to fly higher and higher.

“Dive at him now, and use hyper beam!”

“Strike now! And use inferno!”

The two Pokémon flew at each other, and all hell broke loose.

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