Loose Change: 2¢

Torrents flowed violently off the tires forming a wake as the police cruiser passed over the inundated, low-lying bridge at the outskirts of town. Far in front was the glowing haze of city lights, over the hill, on the horizon and growing closer by the minute.

The windshield wipers worked tirelessly trying to repel the relentless sheets of rain. Headlights, racing after their own reflection in the walls of water, bounced brightly onto the weakening eyes of the indomitable driver.

Slender hands with freshly manicured long fingernails, gripped the steering wheel tightly. Stripped feet, with glossy-red painted toenails worked the pedals underneath. Scarlet, six-inch high-heeled shoes sat in the passenger’s seat next to a sequined purse and a cell phone.

The flashing blue LED light flickered in reflections of tiny, shiny pieces of rounded plastic; she reached for her phone.


“Hey,” a fatigued but familiar voice said on the other side. “Do you know how hard it is to find a payphone anymore?”


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