Light and Dark

Adam crept along the dark alleyway. He knew the nights were dangerous now. Even as he snuck through passages deep in the thick of the city, he could hear the sounds of combat.

He was almost home now. two hundred metres and he’d be at his front door. But he heard it. In the darkness. About fifty metres ahead he heard the unmistakable crack! of a Chasm opening. No one knew where they came from, but they were never good news.

His insides clenched. He stood deathly still in the dark. Noting happened. His breathing relaxed. But then he saw the humanoid silhouette rench open the ground. This is how it happens. The Disciples open the Chasms to unleash the Dark Ones. The fiery light seared from the ground and legions of minions emerged. But there is no dark without light, and right on cue, the Angels appeared. They flew out of the sky to smash the demons to pieces. He knew it was his time. Time to make The Choice. This war is black and white. There is no grey area. And sooner or later, everybody chooses a side.

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