Adelaide Loses Herself in Thought

While you’re distracted, I think I’m going to go back to my storyline, thank you. So…

The Prince, in his excitement, forwent breakfast and ordered his horse to be prepared for a full day out as soon as his personal dresser was finished. He had high hopes for today…

Meanwhile, our fair maiden was meandering in the woods, lost in thought at a certain nonexistent person’s proposition from a few moments before. Adelaide had no idea if she should go along with it or not.

She was so absolutely lost in thought that she didn’t notice that she was meandering down the familiar path towards her secret glen. Before she realized what had happened, she was at the edge of the fairy pond.

“Hey! You can’t take advantage of a maiden lost in thought!” Adelaide complained as she turned to argue once again.

I thought you didn’t want to be maidenly? If you’re not maidenly, the maidenly rules don’t apply, do they?

With a maidenly humph, she turned away towards the calm waters as her fairy friends gathered around her.

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