Adelaide Gets a Twist

Adelaide gazed absentmindedly at the fairies floating around her. “You don’t have fairies in real life, do you?” she said, lost in thought once more.


“Hm…” she murmured, apparently distraught at the thought. “I’d miss these little guys…”

A small female fairy giggled, and the sound of loud church bells filled the glen. The other fairy’s giggled at the poor, embarrassed fairy as she hid herself and covered her mouth.

And before you all start on me, yes, fairies do sound like bells when the laugh! Now…

As the ringing subsided in the glen, a male voice boomed from the tree line.

“A perfect sound to announce our marriage to!” The stoutly prince emerged from behind a thick oak tree and started to walk towards the maiden.

Adelaide turned with an angry look. “I never authorized a twist in my story! What is this?!”

You’ll find out soon enough. It just may be the beginning of your promised adventure…

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