Sid the Schizo

Sid strode on the sidewalk with hands thrust deep into his pockets. On his mind was the day’s ticking tocking to do list, but beneath that thought bubble roiled an engagement of blatant casuistry.

Dave and Fred and Bob lived inside Sid. Dave was an inveterate womanizer. Fred was a glutton for fine and not so fine cuisine. Bob’s idea of a good day is a day not at a NA meeting. Together they compromised the trinity of vices and a whole heap of trouble for the unwitting Sid.

Currently in Sid’s thoughts was the unfortunate tendency of grass to grow, and the even less unfortunate prospect of cutting it. “Let’s go for burgers then pizza then—” said Fred.

“Screw that! I hear Jan’s in town, " grinned Dave.

“And she’s got some prime stuff…” groused Bob.

“Aw, no! I’m hungry hungry hungry!”

“You know, we’ll just remind Sid of the Health Cafe.”

“No! Anything but that, no!”

Sid remembered Jan was in town. He had promised to call and write long ago, but…

He felt bad about it.

Oh, hell. The yard could wait.

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