The Midnight Howling Chapter 1 - Part 2

I walked over to my mother in the kitchen, I guess I startled her a bit, because she jumped a little and knocked over a mug onto the floor. “Oh Kat, could you get me the broom.” She sighed as she rubbed her eyes.

“Sure mom, did I scare you? You just don’t seem very aware today.” I asked my mother as I looked inside the cupboard for the broom. “Yeah honey I am fine, just tired from all the packing.” She replied back as she picked up the bigger pieces of the broken mug.

It was after 7 when mom and I finished packing everything in the kitchen. I was exhausted and sat on the floor looking up at the roof of the house, when my brother decided to dump cold water on my forehead.

The water was frigid cold and made every hair on my body stand up. “Ahhhhhhh.” Were the only words I could mustard out as the water dripped down my shirt, I did say he was the twerp of the family.

“Since I got your attention sis, dad says it’s almost time to go.” Daniel said to me with a smirk on his face.

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