Color disappeared

No noise on this always so busy street. I’m sure I can make it across.
Stop blaring your horns!I’ll go deaf! Not again, the signal just changed color is it?

“Alice? Let me help you cross the street.”

“Thanks. And you are?”

“Ohh, its me Charlie. What happened? You had an accident?”

“Ahh, accident. You see Charlie, when I could see colors, no one thought I needed help. I lay in a stream of my own blood, but no one decided I needed the white sheets of the hospital.
I tried calling for help, but the traffic only saw the signal colors change.
I wonder why does pure white humanity make itself felt, only when our world is dark black?”

“’re starting to complain now is it? Its the lack of sight I believe that has turned you into a sad creature.”

“Yes, thanks Charlie. I regret having thought that humanity was pure white!”

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