Unwanted change

Yes, I’ve always longed for a change from this monotonous life.
Get up early, wrap up work at home, rush to office, work hard, leave in a hurry, rush home, eat, read, sleep!
I mean, seriously, some change! Like a vacation! something, anything!

I asked for too much. That one moment of indecisiveness has changed so much today.

I need to hear better. I usually require someone’s assistance for every small thing. I feared the dark, but today darkness is my best friend. He never leaves my side.

And did you know, the other day someone gifted me sun glasses? The ones I’ve always longed for! Sadistic pleasure she received I’m sure, now that it makes no difference to me, whether its day or night.

And my job? I’ve always complained about it, and here I am, jobless!

And my house? You know, now I cannot complain about having to run my house. All I can do is pray and leave the work to someone else!

I cannot cry for anymore change. You never know what kind of a change I would see (sorry feel) next!

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