My Memories, Part 3

I remember the last day perfectly.
Packing was so hard. It was like everything I put into my bag was one more moment with Andrea that I had to leave behind.
That was the shirt I wore when Andrea first hugged me after we had that long talk about love. The sweet, flowery smell of her hair still seemed to linger on that shirt the next day…
I didn’t say much at breakfast that morning…
Andrea was out for most of the day. I don’t think I told her that today was my last day.
She would’ve stayed for longer if she knew.
I was really worried she might not come back until after I had to go.
She came back right when I promised myself I wouldn’t cry when I had to go.
I sat on the beach one last time with Andrea. I don’t remember us talking much. We were just looking out at the sun that was setting over the ocean in the distance.
The perfect reddish-pink shine of the sky matched the dress she was wearing and made her perfect skin almost glow.
Then I had to go to the airport to catch my flight back to the east coast.

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