Stars, and particles neutral
Aerodynamically futile
Zooming at speeds you will
in your demise
When superfluous eyes
Read and revise
Every truth, every lie.
Unconsciously spy
the atmosphere,
Still bound by the tie of a vengeful peer.

Ironic! How do you forget
bonds so ionic?
Mindset psychotic
An arctic aortic.
Glaciers, so iconic and
Sporadically placed,
hindering your pace.
Dripping with lace, the vacuole
drapes you with hate and grace.

Craterous ridges
asteroids become smidges
A belt that holds back and holds on
For the ride
to watch you choke on
your pride.
How will you survive, so far
from where you
devised the play in which you’d star?

Yearning for the faith you traced
Life erased
in this vast swallowing,
expanse of space.

Following the comet
Trailing along with your conglomerate vomit.
A cadaverous mannequin of the exit
emits a glow so ominously lit.
It eats you, you eat it.
Like a spark from a flint
your reflection sprints,
Then leisurely jogs through this atom’s valence.

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