The droning hum she heard since leaving her cell now increased in intensity. The corridor’s lights behind her flickered to black. The door at the far end of the passageway ahead appeared covered by a fast moving and murky cloud.

“The offspring!” she screamed.

“They’re coming!” screeched Brian’s projection.

She gripped her lasered machete more tightly, hoping she could wield it quickly enough. If there were hundreds, she’d have a chance. Without sleeves or collar, she expected the poison sting of their bite. Turning behind, another black cloud approached. If there were thousands, she might make it out alive.

“Is life after being swarmed by Luangwa still considered living?” she whispered to herself.

“You have to win, ‘kotah,”squealed Brian’s spidergram once again. “You’re humankind’s only hope.”

She closed her eyes and took a deep breath. With a warrior’s stance; her legs and arms stretched apart and prepared for battle, she readied for the worst.

A deafening buzz began to build just beyond her ears.

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