Tiny Little Bugs

“I can’t believe this,” Zane said, putting down his field glasses. “He’s gotten the car working.”

“That is the fucking way of the Tao.” It was Dr Chang’s signature reply.

He returned his attention to the spectacle at hand. The car had stalled and they were closing in. He wondered what god toyed with his creations like this. He handed the field glasses to Dr Chang. She looked through them for some time.

“You can save him, you know?” said Zane. “Just press that damn button!”

They were here because of an experimental solution of celebrated biophysicist Dr Chang’s own devising. Her genius composed a nanosubstrate trained to ignite at a specific frequency. It would permeate the host body, and upon consumption, migrate into the undead system, where it awaited the signal.

It wasn’t his proudest moment, throwing that old man to the wolves like that…

“Science is the way to the future. It shall deliver us,” she liked to say, and despite science, her science,getting the world into this fix, he believed in her.

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