Dirty Whore, Dirty Woman

YOU SOLICITED HIM FOR SEX, YOU DIRTY WHORE. That’s not OK. That’s not even close to OK. You do realize that you’re now in danger of being “that girl” in the newsroom? You remember the chicks like that? You remember that time at your last publication where you got trashed at some editor’s 27th birthday when you were 18 and he ended up liking you, and then you suddenly had a ton of friends but you were still embarrassed? You haven’t changed much, have you? I’m done with questions. I ask questions all day—too many to spend my time asking my-damn-self questions. I know it haunts you and that you’ve just now realized that the outcome could be the worst thing you could ever do to yourself as a staff member. Maybe YOU don’t judge people based on sex or whatever they do for fun when trying to characterize their professional performance, but everyone else does. You could go from: “Oh, she’s so cute.” to “What the fuck, that fucking slut slid right past us.” Now you’re even more afraid to make friends than before.

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