Let's Wrap This Up

“All right everyone; cell phones off, we have a lot to go over. Let’s start with the Supervisors Weekly Quota Report and we’ll move on from there”.


“Next item. We’ve If you don’t bring back my received a few comm ****f*****n money plaints about or my m***f****n dope our Universities you can forget about Christmas front office opera n***a, cause you ain’t gon even see New Years.

“Whose phone is that”!

you can forget about Christmas

Shocked eyes and ears followed the ring tone. The hunters scoped in on an inconspicuous newcomer trying to muffle the phone under her thigh. Turning that color of red meant only for people whose unwanted secrets are exposed and naked to all, she whispered like a child in hiding; “It’s my boyfriend. Sorry. I’m not allowed to turn my phone off. I have to answer it or he’ll….um……ah……..Please!….Can I step out”?


“Okay, now that that’s over, lets go over our upcoming changes to our Employee Mental Health benefits package”.

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