Meanwhile, at the Legion of Doom...

Lex Luthor stood at the podium, addressing the unparallelled legion of supervillains before him. “OK, Legion. First order of business is… Alright! Who tracked slimy much in all over the carpet?!? I’m looking at you, Black Manta! That’s it! $20 fine, and if it happens again, I’ll bump it up to 50. OK, as I was saying-”

He was interrupted by a chair being thrown across his vision, which was responded to with blasts of heat vision going the other way.

“Brainiac! For the last time, that’s Bizarro! Not Superman! They’re different people! Different! Now, where was I? That’s right, I- Riddler, Scarecrow, what are you two bickering about this time? Look, Riddler, I don’t care if you’re upset that IGN rated you 59th best supervillain in the world, while they gave Scarecrow 58th. I got number 4, so shut up and listen! OK? First order of business, at long last. We need to know how Lois Griffin, a candidate for mayor of Quahog, is aware of our plan to assassinate Jesus with the help of Adolf Hitler.”

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