MacFicly (Challenge)

Macbeth had just come home from a hard day’s night, and he was happy. According to the Weird Sisters, he would be made king. He could dig that. The missis, however, was impatient. So, they had everyone over for a little get together, and Macbeth murdered the good King Duncan. So, the king’s sons went to England and Ireland in order to escape this craziness.

Macbeth’s wife still wasn’t happy, so Macbeth had his best friend killed. But oh, quel horror! His friend’s ghost showed up at his dinner party and totally “killed” the mood.

Macbeth went back to the Weird Sisters, who told him that no man born of a woman could kill him, and even that wouldn’t happen until Burnam Wood came Dunsanane. The missis was so guilty that she washed her hands a thousand times, then killed herself. Macbeth got cocky, and war broke out. Face to face with Macduff, he realized his opponent was born through a C-section and Macbeth was run through in a bloody fashion.

Thus ends the gloriously bloody tale of Macbeth in 1024 characters.

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