The Truth About Drunk Driving

He never heard my anguished cry of warning. I realized too late the terrible danger he was in and shouted out as loud as I could, but to no avail. It came at the end of the worst day of my life.

I admit it. I’d been drinking – I’d been drinking a lot. I’d emptied a whole bottle of Jack and I was pretty wobbly by the time I arrived at the scene of the accident-about-to-be.

It was all her fault. If she hadn’t served me with divorce papers I’d have stayed sober. I blame that man’s tragedy on her.

I was drunk and mad, but I was determined though to have as normal a day as possible. It just didn’t work out like I planned.

That poor guy. Massive head trauma, the doctor told the cops who told me just now. I yelled. I tried to warn him. I did. I did.

I didn’t think I hit the ball that hard but it went down that fairway like a white round nippled bullet.

I hollered “Fore!” too late.

The ball bounced off his head and killed him.

It’s true what they say about drinking and driving.

No need for cuffs now.

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