His hand was clenched tightly around my throat, making it hard to breath. His other hand tightly gripped my hair. My hands were struggling to loosen his grip on my neck. He leaned in, really close to my face, breathing his stench on me. Now I really couldn’t breath. I looked around desperately for help. A large crowd had gathered, but all they did was stand there, staring blankly.
“Whatcha you gonna do now, fairy-boy?” He spat, his menacing blue eyes locked on mine. His grip got tighter and tears started to leak out of my eyes. I let out a strangled cry for help, and received a brutal slap across the face.
“No one’s gonna help you fag-boy,” he taunted. Then something inside me snapped. I kicked at him with all of my might, catching him between the legs. He threw me to the ground, clutching himself. Then he charged delivering the final blow in a swift kick to my stomach. I doubled over, crying out.
“You’re all alone now,” he sneered and walked away. The crowd thinned and then… I was totally alone.

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