the fool

Pat checked out his reflection in the small mirror of the sports car. In the corner of the reflection a shape stood out, he recognised her even at this odd veiwing angle. “still gorgeous?” she shouted, a little to loud for his liking, as some of the smokers gathered outside the bar near his parking spot started giggling. This pissed him off he had only come in for a drink and it had turned into five. The same giggling idiots had just seen him thrown out by a girl, the daughter of the owner. “just something in me teeth” he replied , “I was talking to the car” she said, rising more laughter out of the smokers. “where you goin, i’ll give you a lift” he said. " youre drunk you shouldnt be driving, you’ll kill yourself" she said . “I can handle it, I like life on the edge” he blurted wondering why she insisted in roaring so much, letting everyone know his business. He’d show her. As he gunned the engine heads turned as the roar of engine made its presence known. Suddenly the police officer made his presence known.

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