Introduction to Destruction

The hero awoke.

He glanced outside, and saw the fiery inferno burning. The sun had come up.

He was curious as to whether or not he would ever touch the sun. It had always been a childhood dream of his. To touch it would be a dream come true.

Of course, the hero wasn’t realistic. Burning up miles before touching the Sun? The lack of an actual surface, making touching it truly impossible, no matter how far technology advanced?

Bah. Dreaming is a simple thing, and dreams can’t be dangerous.

But touching the sun… real consequences can arise. A sun with a surface is a sun long cooled off, ruining life on Earth. The destruction of everyone, just for a simple wish? He didn’t think it was very viable.

He compromised by simply telling his story, albeit with a typical anonymous twist, and the confusion of classic science fiction writers, even though he was no good at writing anyway.

The hero is I, although the hero’s never really wanted to touch the sun. The hero merely wants to writes without blog-clogging.

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