Bonfire Burning Brightly

The stack of wood was impressive. Junior Counselors, Frog, Kenny and Josh took 6 hours to build it. Rising more than fifteen feet into the air, thin poles, stacked teepee style completely surrounded heavy logs five feet high.

“How you gonna light it?” Josh asked, as they admired the grand architecture of their bonfire-to-be.

“I thought of that,” Frog said with the gleam of an idea in his eye. Down he went to the waterfront, which was only thirty or so yards away and fetched back two five gallon gasoline cans from a motorboat tied up to a rickety dock.

“Gasoline?” Kenny’s eyes were as big as saucers. “Huh uh. Count me out.”

Frog scoffed at Kenny’s cowardice and began sloshing liquid from the first can as high up the stack as he could reach. Josh uncapped the other can and poured the entire contents into the middle stack.

Kenny was already running up the path away from the campfire site. Frog laughed at him as he went by, shouting after him, “Got a match?”

The fireball was visible a quarter mile away.

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