Suzie Smiled

The sky was turning grey as I pushed my way through the undergrowth. Thorns dug into my arms as I searched, pulling aside holly bushes and stepping over brambles. The vines tore at my legs like tentacles, wishing to keep me still and hold me forever. I heard running water, I was near the stream, and I called out “Suzie Are you there? Come back darling, don’t go any further” There was a rustling and a splash. I called again, seeing the blinking silver of the river through the leaves. I swept aside the last branch and I was there, standing insignificant on the bank of the swollen river. I saw her balancing on a large stone, edges worn smooth by time. I called to her once more. “Suzie dear, it’s dangerous over there, come on down” She turned quickly, spinning on her ballerina soles and Suzie smiled. I relive that moment for the hundredth time as I gaze into her peaceful face, her eyes closed, and her skin coloured with blusher, a single lily in her hair.

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