Death As Viewed From Space While Hurtling @ 27,000 MPH

“How many tonight, my friend?”

Dmitry’s Ukranian accent made the question sound more like a movie quote. The kind with Russian gangsters, fast cars, fast women, and a rocket launcher or two.

“I count four more down: Columbus, Des Moines, Denver, and Portland. At this rate, the US will be dark inside of a month.”

“Have you thought about the plan?”, Dmitry said in barely a whisper.

As expedition commander, Capt. Shana Brousette had final say over emergency decisions. The other crew members had already voted and would rather take their chances on the ground.

It was suicide to try a blind landing in the Dragon escape capsules. There would be no ground control to guide them. A perfect time to attempt having two capsules falling out of orbit at the same time.

And what would await them once on the ground? If they made for a deserted area of the American southwest, they’d avoid the largest of the undead swarms. They had no weapons, no water, and just the basic survival gear.

It was time for Shana to decide.

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