My First - Pt. 3

Andrea Leeman had black hair, and majestically blue eyes. In fact, between the shadow of her hair, and the almost porcelain complexion of her skin, her eyes were electric, stunning, hypnotic.
She was not a skinny girl. And at age 14, she looked more like a woman than a girl. It stirred feelings within me, so foreign. I .. I went into sweats just thinking about her. I..I would.. I.. my hands would shake; kind of like they were at that very moment as I opened the door.
Hearing the door chime, ‘ding’, Andrea turned and smiled as she saw me. I smiled with her. Her full lips and pearly white teeth were infectious. I looked down to make sure my button up shirt was straight, and did a quick check to make sure my fly wasn’t open (I would have been mortified).
“Eric,” she called.
“Hi .. hi, Andrea .. man you look..” i stammered despite myself. Chomping my teeth to calm myself, and let out a sigh, and smiled, “You look amazing!”
Her tiny beige summer dress hardly contained her bossom.
“Don’t stare. DON’T stare!”

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