Time For Dreaming Passes By

I want to write a story.

But my desk is so cluttered, I have to clean it to even see the minimized window tabs at the bottom of my screen.

To clean my desk, I need to sort out my bedroom closet. I have printed materials I want to use with my kids this summer, but all my teaching stuff is in my closet.

In order to pull the stuff out of my closet, I have to pick up the pile of sewing stuff and put it back on top of the armoire.

While I’m in there, I really need to wash the bedclothes.

Before I can even leave my office, the dryer buzzes. I have to fold clothes so everyone in the family will not have to wear dirty clothes this week.

After I fold them it’s time for dinner, and two hungry boys begin stealing bananas and chips and whatever snacks they can get their hands on to spoil their appetites.

After dinner, there is more laundry to do and a bath to give.

One of them begins looking at an atlas and asks about places to go.

I want to travel one day.

Maybe after I write a book.

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