An ever-growing insect population swarmed below her circling in fractious loops. Colliding into one another with great velocity, the Luangua continued to swirl aloft, all the while failing to fly into her escape duct.

Stupid bugs – they can’t fly straight up!

“That was a close one!” The spidergram joined her as she pulled her way further through the station’s ventilating system, a miniaturized projection of her ex-boyfriend lighting her way.

“Hey Brain! Can you pull up a schematic on this place?” Dakotah asked. “I could use some help.”

“Just a sec, I’ll see what I can do.”

The metal pulled at her lacerated skin, she felt a painful pinch with each reach for the next corrugated seam. Another grab and pull; another trail of blood left behind.

Brian’s voice squelched. “It looks like there’s a lab one-hundred meters to your left.” A diagram of the Facilitator Base glowed before her, a string of red flashing dots showed the way.

“Let’s hope they have an antidote," she said.

“I – I hope you make it, Sis.”

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